My Top 3 Blogs in no order :)


Although this is most likely late, I would still like to present my top 3 blogs so far that I have encountered! There were so many blogs which interested me, however, there just wasn’t enough time or space to show them all.


This blog created by Steven Rowntree, provides a very clean cut, informative and interesting outlook on his company, Nearmap LTD. He has even gone a step further by adding a YouTube video for the readers, which is a summary of his company. This is great as it also gives an overview of the company before you have even started reading his background information about Nearmap LTD. The entirety of the blog is easy to navigate and also provides great detail in all aspects of the company and assignment.


The second blog which I found very interesting was Sue Brock’s. This blog is great. In her introduction blog she showed how she has embraced being a mature aged student and her enthusiasm to have her son as a ‘Study Buddy’. Her post on Noni B was very detailed and informative, showing she has read into both the annual statements and the company itself in great depth. I also enjoyed browsing through a few of the links provided on Noni B as well.


The last blog which I took a liking to was by Manisha Kapadia. Although some aspects may have been a little difficult to interpret, I fully enjoyed reading about RuralCo and their operations in the agriculture and agribusiness industry. The information was concisely presented and the YouTube links helped grasp an even better understanding of her company. The blog was also easy to navigate.





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